Should You Take the CBT-Based PE Civil Exam?

The best thing for candidates is that the CBT-based examinations will be held throughout the year, unlike exams held on a single day.

February 01

PE Civil Exam Since the CBT Transition

With nature and life taking control of decision-making throughout the epidemic, technology has been critical for a long-term structural change that has come much faster, but better for all candidates. Therefore, the transition of the PE Civil Exam to CBT is a welcome change for you!

January 01

Test Taking Strategies for the PE Civil Exam

Preparation and test-taking advice, as well as resources to help you pass this crucial exam.

December 01

Preparations Required For the PE Civil Exam

The PE CBT Civil exam is no joke. It is not an exam you can simply walk into and pass. A candidate has to put in the preparation and time to get the results.

November 01

PE Civil Exam Breadth

A brief overview of each category to give you a clear idea of the breadth of this exam.

October 01

What are my chances of passing the Civil PE Exam?

A review of passing rates and exam volume for the NCEES Civil PE Exam.

June 01